Season 2019

Brighton offers a range of programs and football options for people of all ages. All enquiries and questions can be directed to Check out the following information regarding the programs being offered in 2019:



We require volunteers each Friday night, Saturday and Sunday for roles as Ground Officials or Canteen Staff.
Please contact with any questions regarding this.

All families are to complete their volunteer hours (unless they have nominated specifically not to complete them) or they will forfeit their Volunteer Levy.


Beginners Guide to Brighton Bulldogs


If you have a question we haven't been able to answer below, please feel free to email us at


What age group does my child play in?

Your child’s team is determined by the age they turn that season. For example, if your child turns 9 at any time during the calendar year, they will be in Under 9’s. There are allowances for skilled players to ‘play up’ a year and that can be discussed with club officials.

Ages are grouped as follows:

  • MiniRoos (Under 6 to Under 11) play on a Saturday. 
  • Juniors (Under 12 & Under 13) play on a Saturday, while Juniors (Under 14 to under 16) play on Sunday or Friday night. 
  • Seniors, which include under 18’s, Men’s and Women’s, can play anytime on the weekend. 
  • Women's Over 30's, Men's Over 35's and Men's Over 45's usually play Friday nights and some Sundays
  • Competitive teams, under 12 upwards, may need to attend catch up matches mid-week during the season.

How long does the season last?

The season starts in March and final rounds finish in September, with finals played in September. MiniRoos don't play finals.

Is there a way for my child to trial soccer without committing to the season?

Yes. Before the official season begins, we have a 4-week MiniRoos Preseason program, for Under 6’s to Under 11’s, which costs $50. If your child decides to play the entire season, then you pay the balance owing.


To apply for the 4-week program, fill out the online registration form as if registering for the entire season as a MiniRoo Player, but only pay $50. This will show up as a part-payment on the online form. If your child wishes to continue playing for the season then you need to pay the balance 2 weeks before the season commences.  If your child does not wish to continue then please send an email to and we will cancel the remainder of your registration.

What equipment will my child need?

The only requirement for the preseason program is shin pads. Every child must wear them and they are available for sale through the on-line shop or at the club.  If they decide to register for the season they will need boots as well as club uniform consisting of a training shirt, shorts and socks.  If a uniform kit has been purchased previously and it still fits the child, then there is no need to purchase one unless there is a change in uniforms.  Second hand boots can be purchased at the club and they run a boot swap for exchanging boots as the children grow.



We also run a program for 3 - 5 year olds, called MiniRoos Kick-Offs costing $50 per program.  The 4-week program runs twice a year on Saturday mornings at our Club in Brighton with a focus on having FUN and introducing the little ones to soccer.

What equipment will my child need?

The only requirement is that shin pads must be worn by every child.  They are available for purchase through the on-line shop or at the club.


MiniRoos KickOff Program dates for 2020 :

  • Program A: TBC 8am - 9am
  • Program B: TBC 8am 9am.


Do you accept Get Started Vouchers?

Yes, we are an accredited Get Started Club.  Once you have obtained your voucher please print it out, sign it and bring to the club along with a valid identification.  This will need to be presented to an authorised committee member.

I’ve placed an order through the online shop – where do I collect it?

Once our uniform shop volunteer has packed your order you will be emailed advising it is ready for collection. Once you have received notification that your order is ready you can be collect it on a Friday morning from 9 -12am or from the canteen during opening hours.  There are special collection options during pre-season.  Please email or check the Facebook page for up to date information.


Does my child need to attend the pre season program?

It’s not essential but it’s included for free as part of your annual registration fee. It’s also a fun way for players to meet each other before the season begins.


I’ve been told there is grading, which age groups need to attend?

Under 9’s, and older, are graded. Younger teams aren’t. They will all be required to attend Team Allocation though.


How do I find out what team my child is playing in?

This will be announced at the Team Allocations Day at the start of the season.


What’s involved in Team Allocations Day?

MiniRoo team allocations are announced on a Saturday in March before the proper season’s training begins. It is usually in the morning from 9am, with the canteen open. Generally none of the age groups play soccer on this day, it is just a meet and greet with your new team and coach.


When does training for the season begin?

Training begins the first week after team allocations.


What day are the practice sessions held for MiniRoo’s?

Teams at Brighton train everyday from Monday to Thursday.  Your training day will depend on your teams volunteer coach and field availability.  Club organisers do their best to accommodate player requests as teams are put together however individual requests aren’t always able to be accommodated.


What days of the week are games played?

With players aged from 3 to 63 years playing at our club, games are held from Friday through to Sunday. 

  • MiniRoos (under 6 to under 11) play on a Saturday. 
  • Juniors (under 12 & Under 13) play on a Saturday, while Juniors Under 14 to under 16 play on Sunday or Friday night. 
  • Overs generally play Friday nights with the odd Sunday game. 
  • Seniors, which include under 18’s, Men’s and Women’s, can play anytime on the weekend. 
  • Competitive teams, under 12 upwards, may need to attend catch up matches mid-week during the season.


How do I find out when and where fixtures are being held?

On the website home page, click on ‘Fixtures/ Results’ and look for your particular team’s link. The teams are listed alphabetically, not in age groups.


Due to the nature of team nominations, fixtures will not be released until the week before the first game.  The fixtures will be released for the first three rounds and once the divisions have been finalised they will release the fixtures for the remainder of the season.


Fixture times are decided by Football Brisbane, and can change up until the day before play, so best to always double check.


How do I know which field our team is playing their match on at the Club?

When you arrive at the Club, take a walk over to the sheds and you will see the list of all the games and the fields written up on the board for the day’s play.  Each ground will have a similar system.  If you are unsure please ask the ground official, identifiable by their fluoro vest.


It’s raining! How do I find out if the team is playing?

Go to the website home page and look on the right hand side of the website to see if the fields are open or closed.  This is the best place to look and is updated regularly.



MiniRoos Club Football - Under 6 to Under 11

MiniRoos Club Football is a smaller version of football that provides girls and boys aged under 6 - 11 with a fun introduction to the world game.  MiniRoos Club Football is designed for kids; it is all about having fun, learning new skills and making life-long friends while playing in friendly and encouraging environment.

Brighton MiniRoos teams train once midweek with games held on Saturday mornings (older teams may train twice a week).  MiniRoos games are not scored and with no league tables kept.  Teams play home and away games. 

The 18-round season begins In April and finishes in September. 

The field and team structure is designed to cater for each age group.  They are designed to encourage participation and the free flow of play.  Age group structure:

Under 6 & 7

6 players per team. 

Small fields with 4 players on the field (no goalkeepers).

Games have 15 minute halves; usually played early Saturday mornings.

 Under 8 & 9

10 players per team.

Roughly quarter field with 7 players on the field, including a goalie.

Games with 20 minute halves; normally played early to mid-morning on Saturday.

Field positions (attack/defence) are introduced and all players in the team are rotated to play all positions on the field including goalie.

Under 9's play in graded competition, this encourages participation and enjoyment for all players.

 Under 10 - 11

13 players per team.

The field is normally ¾ of full field, with 9 players on field, including a goalie.

Games with 25 minute halves; normally played mid-morning on Saturday.

Under 10 - 12 play in graded competitions.

Preseason training: 

The 2020 preseason program will commence on Tuesday the XXX February.  The Roar community coaches will be leading the four week preseason program.  This program will get the kids moving and set them up for the rest of the season.  To participate in the preseason program please register using the link on the home page.  Register for the 2019 MiniRoo season.  A minimum payment of $70 will be required to join the 4 week preseason program, full payment will be required before starting the official season on Saturday the 20th April 2019.

What you need: Kids are required to wear shin pads and football boots for all training sessions and games.  They also need the club uniform for official matches.  A uniform pack is available to purchase from the online shop for $50, and second hand boots are available to purchase at the club.  All balls and other equipment will be provided at games and training.

Our Coaches:  Our coaches are volunteers and parents who give their time to help improve the football skills of our children.  Please support our coaches by attending training sessions and games, to help monitor your own and other children's behaviour.  Please assist our coaches to make their jobs as easy and enjoyable as possible.  

Coaching is a very rewarding role.  If you would like to be involved in the coaching team at the Bulldogs, please email  Coaching courses are provided, and support is available.  If you are interested, have a discussion with one of our coaches or committee members. 

For more information or assistance, please email

Junior Club Football - Under 12's to Under 18's

Junior Club Football is competition football for players under 12 to under 18's.  Brighton Bulldogs have boys, girls and mixed teams across these age groups.  Junior football is a great opportunity to make life long friendships and start lifelong healthy habits.

Junior football is 11-a-side competition with home and away fixtures on a full sized field.  Training sessions are held twice a week, with competitive game on Saturday for under 12 &13.  Under 14, 15 and 16's games are held on either Friday nights or Sundays.  Under 18's games are held across the weekend.

Preseason: Preseason training will commence in January, please register using the link on our home page to ensure you receive the relevant training information for your age group.   All new players are welcome. 

Registration: Players need to be registered to commence training, and fees are required in full 2 weeks before the first official game.  The Bulldogs do not collect weekly match fees, all fees are collected at registration.  This includes end of season presentations, welcome pack, team photos and referee fees. 

For more information email


Senior Men's Competitive Football

Brighton Bulldogs senior men's squad are looking for players interested in playing in the 2019 competitive season. 

For more information email


Senior Women's Competitive Football

Brighton Bulldogs have Senior women team's, who competed in Women's City League across a range of divisions.  The club is looking for additional players for 2019.  

The 2019 pre-season will commence February, please express your interest to be kept informed of training days and starting times.

For more information email


Over 35 and 45 Men's Football

Brighton Bulldogs have over 35 and 45 men's teams represented across a range of divisions in the Friday night league. Men's Overs league is a great place to start or return to football, with teams of all ages and abilities.

The 2019 pre-season will commence on Friday, January 25 at 7pm. Please come down that night to register your interest and have a kick around. For further details please contact Darren Rouse on 0438 375 735, or email


Over 30 Women's Football

Brighton Bulldogs has a friendly women's team that play in the casual Friday night league.  Over 30's is a friendly environment in which to start or return to playing football.  The matches are competitive 80 minute games, which is great for fitness.  

We are urgently looking for another two or three players to join our lovely team. We train on Tuesday's and have some pre-season friendlies planned where you can 'try and see'.

For more information email

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